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Providing Unique Company Stores To The Portland Maine Region And Beyond

For 30+ years, our family-owned business has been delivering high-quality products. Just ask our customers!

We Put Logos On Everything And We’re Great At It!

Your Own Company PDF Catalog or Online Ecommerce Company Store

LT’s currently manages numerous company catalogs. Each catalog is built to your company’s specific needs. The catalog is a simple PDF catalog which we can accommodate it’s construction and the fulfillment of items directly to clients or employees.

A customized catalog is a great way to give your employees a place to go shopping for company branded apparel and marketing products. We will work with you to select each item for your online store and you can make it any size from 2 items to 200 items! Our designer will graphically place your logo on the item and create a virtual or printed catalog which you can distribute to your staff.

LT’s inc. Ecommerce Department

LT’s inc. has an eCommerce department to develop an ONLINE SHOPPING CART SYSTEM for your company. Our Online Stores provide you with your unique online catalog of items that your customers can purchase by a credit card, PayPal, or a gift certificate. Our online shopping cart systems are constructed for a very reasonable fee and secured via 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the items a store or catalog can have?
Absolutely not. We do not place any restrictions on how many items can be in your store or catalog, nor do we limit the types of items, i.e. screen-printed, embroidered, or branded items, in the store or catalog.
Can I choose my own items?
Yes, you can choose your own items. We can find whatever you want with the catalogs and stores that we work with.