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 Getting Your Art Ready For Us

Getting your art ready to print can sometimes be a baffling experience. Vectors, resolutions, halftones…. it’s a lot to figure out! The good news is we are here to help. Send us your art and we can tell you what needs to be done to prepare it for production. If you don’t speak computer, we can prepare your art for you. Our art fee is $50/hr. And please, don’t hesitate to call us with any confusions: our trusty graphic designer can answer questions and help get your design ready to go.

Useful Graphics Lingo

Vector images are made up of lines which are a mathematical equation. The benefit of vector art is that it can be re-sized without any alteration in quality and works well with color separations for screenprinting.

Raster images are made up of small dots called pixels. Each pixel on the image has a defined color and for this reason, can have much more detail than vector art. raster art is limited to the size and resolution which the art is created at. Images pulled off the web usually have a low DPI (see below) and therefore will be blurry and not create a quality imprint. DPI is dots per inch. The more dots per inch (we like a nice 300), the more detail, and the better the imprint.

Halftones are lighter tones of a color created by lowering the DPI. This creates more space between small dots of color, resulting in a lighter shade: fewer dots of color= lighter tone. Shirt or product color will show through and a grid of small dots is apparent.


Digital Art Requirements For Spot Color Printing

Digital artwork must be submitted in accepted formats only. We are happy to work with files in the following formats:

The Following Vector Files: EPS or AI or PDF files and vectorized

The Following Raster Files: PSD or TIFF or JPG files at 300 dpi minimum with each color on its own layer

Important: All fonts must be converted to outlines


Send additional JPG version of the file to communicate color representation if the file does not display color accurately or for layout purposes.

Digital Art Requirements For 4-Color Process Printing And Embroidery

Any file that is an original 300 dpi resolution. That’s it.